Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey

Posted: 7/07/2013
Andrea Marks (Andie) is a lawyer with a life plan to make partner in her firm and to be married and have 2 children by the age of 35. 
Andie’s friend Kelly is getting married so Andie, Kelly and their other friend Candice go to vegas for the bachlorette party and Andie meets and ends up sleeping with a cowboy (Mack) When she wakes the the next day she can’t remember much of what went on the night before.Forward 2 years later and Andie is getting married to Bradley but when she applies for a marriage licence she is told that she is already married. She then goes to seek out the man she is supposedly married to.I loved reading this book and could not put it down, it is a funny and sexy read. Mack melted my heart so much that I am still thinking about him even though I have moved onto my next book.A brilliant romance story with really great written and believable sex scenes. I Loved the characters they all mixed together well and make this a fantastic read.Giant thanks to Elle for giving me a copy to read and to do an honest review, this is one book that I am so glad I have read.I’m giving it 5 stars for amazon and 4.5 stars for Goodreads.

It is also a fantastic price just now. UK=0.98 and US=1.46


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shine not burn

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