Gina’s Review ~ Taint by Syreeta Jennings


That is all I could think of when finishing this.

And then I was stumped on what to say – without giving the whole story away.

I guess first things first.

Who is Justice Drake?

And what the hell was I doing reading this?

Justice Drake is an asshole. Or is he?

Ok, I begged and pleaded to read this book and what a ride it was. And nothing like I thought it would be.

Taint is one of the best character development stories I have read in a while. It is a bit of a slap upside the head when dealing with the main characters cynical, sarcastic POV and the entire story is told through his eyes.

Justice Drake has made a name for himself educating the wives of the rich and famous at his “Oasis” on how to seduce and tantalize their spouses into being interested in them again, giving them tips and tools as far as what he (and their spouses) think they want in their women. A real sure fire way to re-kindle the fires and keep their man at home. He researches their lives and he is an updated, gorgeous alpha male version of Dr. Ruth – without the accent. He has these women and their men all figured out, and knows what they are made of and he makes no bones about telling these ladies how it is.  Yes, most of his filter is missing and he really doesn’t care who he offends.

But does he really have it all figured out?

Justice is about to have everything he believes, tossed into a blender and frapped.

Allison Carr is signed up for Justice’s course at the Oasis by her husband to learn everything she needs to keep him. Because of course it’s all her fault that he isn’t interested and chasing everything with breasts and a heartbeat, even before they were married. Isn’t it?

As the “lessons” with this class progress at the Oasis, Justice finds himself breaking every rule he has ever set in place for himself and for his attendees and finds an attraction with Allison that he can’t seem to break. Allison won’t fit into any of the molds he tries to put her in and she just won’t cooperate with any of his rules.

As repugnant as Justice began the book, by the end I was absolutely entranced with he and Alli and wanted them together. There are some that may not be able to get around the absence of filter with Justice, but it is well worth it so slough through to find the real Justice Drake.

This is a hot, funny, steamy and intense book that is really hard to put down and just one that I know I will be coming back to again and again. I did wish for a bit more at the epilogue as there were a few tidbits in there that I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall for!

On the Goodreads scale I have to give this a 5 for ‘its amazing’ and a 5 with Amazon and Barnes and Noble for ’I loved it’!



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