Nikki’s Review ~ Desire (The Seductors Series #1) by B.L.Wilde

Hot damn, just finished Desire and it was so hot even my kindle needs cooling down.

Jade works as a top Seductor in a secret organisation, who are hired to retrieve the impossible and to do what ever is necessary to obtain the object or information required.  Jane is a single woman who takes her job very seriously and who keeps all her emotions under lock and key.  That is until she meets her next target Oliver Kirkham.

Oliver is a very handsome CEO of a Weapons manufacturing company.  He is funny, charming and the first man to ignite something in Jade. His most endearing quality (other than his amazing bed skills), is the fact that he doesn’t let his wealth define him.

The chemistry is instant between the two of them and is so hot that Jade receives her first BIG O. It doesn’t take long before the perfect book B/F is breaking down Jade’s walls.  This bowls Jade over and constantly makes her question herself.   Rule 1 no emotional attachment with the Target. Jade is so use to to always being in charge and normally has complete control of her emotions.  Although this time she does allow herself to create an emotional and physical connections with Oliver that she has always denied herself.

I hear you ask yourself  ‘whats the problem with this?’  The Seductors society is the problem, she has a job to do. If the job is not completed then Oliver is a dead man walking. Could Jade let this happen or can she be the one to break his heart that he has given her on a silver platter.

I have been left wanting so much more and I hope the Author doesn’t leave me waiting to long.  I have my own predictions as to how I think this story should end, but I’m not so sure if any of the Seductors will get their HEA.

I received and arc copy in exchange for an honest review

5 stars for Goodreads



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