Jane’s Review ~ Worth the Chance (MMA Fighter #2) by Vi Keeland

7 1/2 years ago Liv Michaels fell in love with Vinny while she tutored him in high school but he disappeared leaving her broken hearted after getting into a fight and getting expelled.
Now back to the present day Liv is doing an internship at a newspaper and has to write a story on a guy who is a MMA fighter, this is where she meets Vinny again. There is an instant chemistry between them but  Liv has to write a story on Vinny that uncovers a secret that will turn Vinny’s life upside down.
The things I love about the story is that Nico & Elle are featured in it, I fell in love with their characters in the first book and its great to catch up with them again.  I love Vinny he is a total bad boy with a whole lot of sexual kink, my only gripe is that I don’t even think his kink has scratched the surface in this book.
Liv is such a likeable character but I feel she could have been a bit more honest with Vinny concerning the story she was working on but where would the fun in that be?!?! The chemistry between them is really hot and sex is intense so no complaints from me there.
I found this to be an easily read book and enjoyed it very much, I would like to read more from this series but not sure where it would go.
A must for all MMA fans!
I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review
4 stars for Amazon & 4 stars for Goodreads

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