Review ~ Wake Up Call by Victoria Ashley

When Avery turned 18 she packed her bags and left her abusive family to make a fresh start but working in a strip club and she is struggling to pay her rent.  She meets Jace when he rescues her from being attacked one night and  being on the verge of being evicted he swoops in and rescues her. He gives her a roof under her head and a job but she can’t open up to him.

This is a really good read and is very emotional and had me crying quite a few times. There is domestic and child abuse in it but it is well written and that makes it makes a cracking read.

Avery is a great character that I liked instantly and as it went on I found that I got to know her character really well and saw a strong and brave young woman that I admire.

Jace is great too I found him to be quite hot and he always seems to be the hero and rescuing everyone.

Both characters develop very well and have a great chemistry, the other characters are also great and are well written.

A brilliant love story that I really enjoyed reading.

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I am giving Wake Up call 5 stars for Amazon and 4 for Goodreads



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US link:

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