Review ~ Wild Hyacinthe by Nola Sarina & Emily Faith

Release date 4th November 2013

Asher Chain is an incubus he goes through life not wanting to get close to anyone because when the beast needs to feed he ends up killing his sexual partner. As he struggles with the guilt his twin sister Gypsy helps him as much as she can.

He then meets Aria she is a waitress living in her car and Asher offers her a place to stay, he is very attracted to her but refuses to sleep with her in case he kills her.

This is an original supernatural and romantic read, I really enjoyed reading it and learning about the new breed that is the incubus.

I found Asher to be a really sexy character with a little danger added to him but because he felt so bad about his past I saw another side to him. Gypsy is a fantastic character too and what she has done in the past to protect her brother gives you an idea of how loyal she it and how close they are.  I really liked Aria too I did feel a little sorry for her and I want her to be with Asher and to be happy!

I received an Arc copy from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

I am giving Wild Hyacinthe 5 stars for Amazon & 4 for Goodreads



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