Review ~ Let Love In (Love series #1) by Melissa Collins

When Madeline’s  (Maddy) parents died when she was 10 years old she went to stay with her aunt Maggie. When Maggie died her best friend and her mother had her stay with them.
They then go off to collage and this is where she meets Reid Connely sparks fly. He sees her pain as much as she sees his but trying to break down the walls won’t be easy.
I found Reid to be a bit of an ass to begin with because the way he treated his friend Logan and his attitude towards Maddy. I just wanted give a smack on the back of his head to try knock some sense into him but the more I read the more I liked him and he is actually a really sweet romantic guy but he does slip up again. His past haunts him so I think that is the reason he is so messed up.
Maddy is a really sad character she misses her parents and really hasn’t ever recovered or opened up to anyone apart from her best friend. She eventually does open up to Reid.
There is a little cliffhanger at the end but not enough to put me off, I enjoy cliffhangers in certain books. It really helps that I can now go onto book 2 straight away.
I really did enjoy reading this and it had me crying at some of it too. A really good written story that I devoured.
Thank you Melissa for giving me a copy in exchange for an honest review.
I’m giving Let Love In 5 stars for Amazon (I love it) & 4 stars for Goodreads (I really like it)

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