Review ~ Reaching Out For You (Never Letting Go #1) by S. Moose

Sophia, Adam and Conner are all best friends until Sophia’s mum dies. She pushes Adam away and he leaves her.
4 years later Sophia is in a relationship with Kyle and is “happy” then Adam walks back into her life. She tries to end things with Kyle but he doesn’t take it to well.
He starts stalking her and even beats her up, Sophia and Adam’s relationship suffers from this as they try to make a go of things. They have always loved each other.
This was a really emotional read that had me crying a few times, I really liked it and enjoyed reading it.
I felt really sorry for Sophia trying to deal with abuse and being really scared of Kyle.
It kept me on tender hooks wondering when Kyle would strike again because I knew he would, he just couldn’t accept things were over. I loved Adam he is so protective and tries so hard to keep Sophia safe. Conner is also another great character that I really liked.
I could feel the chemistry between Sophia and Adam and the sex is really hot.
Domestic abuse is such a common thing and I really think the author did a fantastic job getting this story told.
I am looking forward to reading more from this series.
Thank you to S. Moose for giving me a copy of Reaching Out For You in exchange for an honest review.
I am giving it 4 stars for Amazon and 4 stars for Goodreads.
reaching out for you

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