Excerpt from ‘Travis’ by Nicole Edwards

Travis (Alluring Indulgence, #3)
by Nicole Edwards
Copyright © 2013 Nicole Edwards

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Crushing his mouth down on hers, he pressed his body into hers, letting his cock slide between her bare thighs. She was still dressed, which he vowed to rectify in just a minute, but for now he wanted to taste her sweetness. She was kissing him like she didn’t have a care in the world, and he wasn’t ready to relinquish her mouth at this point.
Travis heard Gage as he moved around the room. He could only assume he was putting those restraints in place, and the idea of Kylie tied to the bed ratcheted up his hunger another notch. Delving into her mouth, they explored one another as though they were making up for the years they’d lost along the way.
Travis fully intended to make up for lost time for as long as she would let him. At this point, he was thinking forever sounded pretty damn good to him, although that might just freak her out a little. Hell, it should have freaked him out.
It didn’t.
His head spun from the lust this woman induced, and he closed his eyes. Shit, she was like a drug. One he’d become addicted to and after ten years of rehab, he found he still couldn’t deny the need.
Kylie broke the kiss and Travis pulled back a little, a surge of adrenaline flooding his bloodstream when he saw Gage taking one of her hands and easily maneuvering the novelty restraints around her wrist. She wasn’t pulling away. Quite the contrary, actually. There was a brilliant sparkle in her baby blue eyes.
“Wait,” he told them, and they both abruptly turned to stare at him like he’d lost his mind.
He could assure them that he had. No doubt about it.
Only he had a reason for stopping them now, and it had nothing to do with the crazy thoughts running through his head. “I need to get her naked first.”
See, no craziness in that.
Almost as quickly as he’d removed his own clothes, Travis had Kylie stripped bare, and he stared down at her, probably as shell shocked as Gage.
“When the hell did you have time to do that?” Travis blurted.
Kylie giggled again. “I told you I had an errand to run.”
Yeah, well. She could run her errands anytime she wanted to if she came back to him like that. Travis caressed the smooth, bare skin between her thighs as though he’d never seen anything quite as beautiful before. At some point during the day, Kylie had gotten waxed. Bare.
“Fuck,” Gage breathed.
Kylie’s head reared back on the pillow as he continued to trail his finger over her bare skin. “Don’t stop. Oh my God. It feels so good.”
Travis grinned.
She didn’t need to worry. He had absolutely no intentions of stopping.

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