The Commitment – Cover Reveal and Teaser

The draft cover and a teaser from The Commitment, the sequel to S.E. Lunds contemporary romance novel, The Agreement:

Scheduled release date: August 16, 2013. Available at Amazon. com.


Teaser: (WARNING: Graphic Content — not suitable for those under 18 Years of Age) ~~~

Submission was my guilty pleasure. My secret desire.

People might see me as an intelligent capable woman, a grad student who won the Columbia School of Journalism’s Thesis Prize for my work on Africa. Daughter of a well-respected Justice of the Supreme Court of New York State and potentially-future Congressman. A novice submissive who let her Dominant tie her up, blindfold her, and use sex toys in the bedroom, who went to a dungeon party and was spanked in front of a crowd.

I lay on one of the black velvet couches in a private room Drake had reserved for our dinner with my parents. When I opened my eyes, Drake was leaning over me, his arms on either side of my head, his blue eyes regarding me intensely.

”I’d love to do you doggie style right now,” he said, his voice thick with lust. “Your dress hiked up over your back, your body over the back of the couch, me standing behind you, watching my cock slide inside of you. A quickie before your parents arrive, but we have only a few minutes. Instead, I think I want you to stand in position for a while so I can imagine it.”

Then he lifted me up and turned me around, pulling up my dress so that my ass and legs were on display, my black sheer hose with the seam up the back, my black lace garters and garter belt, my knees spread wide. He sat on the opposite couch and watched me for a few minutes, his chin resting on one hand, his eyes intense.  The feel of his gaze on me, on my exposed flesh, made me even more aroused if possible. I ached to have him take me as he described and closed my eyes, excited about later when we went back to his apartment.

He’d do it then.

I drifted on a wave of arousal for a few moments while Drake watched me, my body so ready, my breath shallow. Then his cell chimed and I was startled out of my erotic reverie. I jerked back into full consciousness and started to stand up, but Drake was right there, one hand on the small of my back to stop me.

“Yes, you can bring them up,” he said into his cell. “But give me a couple of minutes first. Show them the new ice sculpture. Introduce them to the chef.” He ended the call and I tried to stand up straight but he stopped me once more.

“No, stay like that for a moment.” He slipped his fingers around my hip and between my thighs to caress  me.

“Drake,” I said. “Please…”

“The more you resist, the longer I’ll take.”

I said nothing, waiting while he stroked me more firmly, my breath coming in short gasps. Then, he  pulled my dress down, turned me around and smoothed my hair, adjusting my dress to make sure everything was presentable. He ran a hand over his erection and then buttoned his jacket to cover it. He dipped his fingers in his glass of vodka and then licked them off, smiling at me when he did.

“My two favorite things – your pussy and vodka.”

I couldn’t help but smile back. “How am I going to get through this dinner?”

“You’ll survive. Keep imagining what I’m going to do to you when we’re alone later.”

~~~ You can buy The Agreement at the Amazon store.

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