Review~ SIZZLE ( Bad Boy Rockers #1) By Lexi Buchanan

Expected release date: July, 28

Thalia has went on a few dates with Liam but thinks of him more of a friend than a boyfriend but still accepts his offer to go home with him for the summer holidays.
Liam’s brother Jack is getting pushed into marrying his fathers business partner’s daughter Mia who he doesn’t love.
When Jack and Thalia meet sparks fly and they have an instant attraction  but try to stay away from each other.
This turns in a bit of a love square.
Jack is learning to be a lawyer but unknown to his family, Saturday nights he is lead singer Phoenix in a rock band called Deception along with his 2 best friends Reece and Donavan.
Will the wedding go ahead?
I loved SIZZLED from the very begining and by chapter 2 I knew it was going to be a fantastic read and I wasn’t wrong….
Jack really got under my skin he has a smoking hot body with  tattoos and piercings (one in particular that I loved more) He is a soft hearted loveable man.
I really liked the characters and especially Jack, Donavan and Reece. What I would give to be in that little store room with the 3 of them….
Poor Jack spent most of the book with massive boners but when there was sex or sexual encounters it was really hot .
Another really great read that I have had the pleasure of reading, Big thanks to Lexi for giving me an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. I am really looking forward to reading Reece and Donavan’s stories I’m thinking they will be really hot reads.
I am giving Sizzle 5 stars for Amazon and 5 stars for Goodreads

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