☆ Fighting Destiny Extended Teaser

by: Amelia Hutchins
Release Date: June 2, 2013

His hand came up and cupped my cheek softly, caressing my skin like a lovers touch. My eyes flashed to his and locked on the amber glowing fully now. His free hand went to the small of my back and he pulled me closer, slowly allowing for me to escape if I needed to, my breath hitched in my lungs at the thousand different sensations that ran wildly through me.

“Ryder,” I moaned without meaning to.

“Stop thinking Syn. You over think everything.”

My lip trembled with the need to either kiss him or run. I settled on biting it softly while his hands held me in place. The one on the small of my back came around softly pressing against the silk of the skirt as he rubbed his hand across my ass. He lifted my leg and placed it on the bed carefully.

I watched his nostrils flare as the glow became fire where his amber glow had been. “No panties?” he asked through a guttural tone.

“Claire said it would guarantee you chose me for the job,” I mumbled. My hands instantly smoothing the skirt to assure myself it were still covering my core.

“Did she?” his voice was barely above a whisper before he groaned and released my face to rub his hand down his own.

“I can go change,” I blurted trying to remove my leg he still held in place.

“No, it’s too late for that.” He relied rasping his words as he lay back on the bed releasing my foot in the process. “Make me want you Syn.”

I fought for strength as I watched his eyes search my face. I exhaled a shaky breath and then placed my hand on either side of his hips as I climbed onto the bed to sit on my knees above him. His hands came up and cupped my hips as he watched me sit above him.

I could smell him, the exquisite scent of male, rich and toxic to my hormones. His mouth turned up in the corners, his roguish smile back into place. One hand pulled away and he snapped his fingers and the song restarted. I moved my hips slowly as his hand came back down to rest on them. This was just a job, another one. I could get through this. I brought my hands up caressing my breast which got a curse from his lips empowering my inner hussy.

He wanted a show? I’d give him one. I dropped down slowly temping him with what he knew was bare beneath the skirts’ flimsy material. My hands rose to my hair, removing the ponytail tie, sensually letting it fall down my back before I leaned over him placing my hands between his head on both sides.

His eyes never left mine. I heard his quick intake of breath as my lips lowered to a hairsbreadth from his own. My tongue snaking out to lick his full bottom lip slowly, hungrily. I dropped the last inch rubbing against him which was a mistake.

I was sex starved and he was sex incarnate. His hands released my hips-one went to the back of my neck holding me in place, as if the thought of escape had even crossed my mind, while the other cupped my ass and pushed me down on his full erection.

His kiss was searching as his lips touched and found mine, gently at first, and then demanding as we lost the fight. Colliding together like two cars out of control in a head on collision. One minute I was above him and the next I was beneath him as he devoured my mouth hungrily, intensely, savagely. Together we were explosive, I gave him back as much as he was giving me – the demand I felt in my body was complete and naked need. Intense and erotic. He grinded his huge erection against my naked core, until I could feel the storm building. I called his name over and over as it built inside of me until I thought I would shatter into a million pieces but his feral growl was low and harsh as he pushed me off of him and stood up backing away.

It was a reality check, his breathing was as labored as my own, the need inside of me winning over myself preservation. I fought to catch my breath my chest heaving with both breasts exposed to him. My hands shook violently as I righted my clothes and fought to control the urge to reach down and finish the job myself.

“If you do that to anyone, and I mean anyone else Syn. I will lock you up inside this fucking room until I have had my fill of you,” he paused turning his hungry eyes on me so I could see it in them.

©2013 Amelia Hutchins Fighting Destiny.


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