Teaser from ‘Right Now’ by Jackie Mcmahon

Expected release: Sept 6, 2013
Even after a night of relentless passion with her, the moment I saw her in the shower my desire was reignited again. She turned around and I took her mouth, she parted them with sigh. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, passionately dueling hers. My God, why did she have to taste so good? If she was a drug I would have been in rehab. I tore my lips away from hers as I kissed her neck. My hands moved along the smooth curve of her spine to her perfect hips, lifting her against the wall. She wrapped her legs around my hips as I kissed her again until she gasped for air. My finger slipped into her heated slick folds as she let out a soft moan from the pleasure. I slipped another finger into her, taking her mouth again. I felt her body tense with anticipated pleasure, then release. She pulled her lips away crying out her orgasm.

“Angelina,”I groaned against her shoulder but her response to me was heaven sent. I wanted to take my time with her like I did last night but the soft moan that escaped past her lips made it impossible. I was crazed with the need for her and I’ve barely even touched her.

“I need you,” she breathed shattering whatever self-control I had left.

She threw her head back biting down on her lower lip when I entered her. I groaned as I felt her pussy stretch, welcoming me in. She then rested her head against my shoulder panting and moaning as I moved, pushing her into the shower wall.With every deep thrust she would whisper my name, just like last night. Those sexy little noises drove me crazy. She tightened around me and I knew she was near as I drove harder and faster and deeper and she gasped.

-Dennis Evers, Chapter Six, Dennis POV

FYI- This story follows two individuals from two completely different point of views, this teaser is from Dennis Evers from ‘Right Now’ book one of the ‘Seduced Series’



 Right now

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