Why an Erotica Book Club Blog now?

Why an Erotica Book Club Blog now?

We are getting lots of questions as to why we kicked the blog into gear and will the blog have the same content as the Facebook page.
Both forums will carry much of the same content with a few differences.
The blog is more of a permanent setting that allows us to make long term announcements, organize book reviews, recommendations, giveaways and tours.
The blog will allow more flexibility than the page such as running more than one giveaway at a time and quick searching – it also links to our new Erotica Book Club Goodreads page so you can see past ratings and reviews there – between Jane and Gina, they have over 1,000 book ratings to load.
Facebook’s limitations on who can see our posts forced this decision as currently only about 4,000 of or 18,506 followers can see our posts unless we can get the post to go viral or pay Facebook to boost the post. We can’t pay what we don’t earn as we are non-profit and staffed by volunteers. The numbers were staggering so we decided to offer the two forums. You will see the free reads mostly on the FB page as they have a short shelf life, and the spicier non- FB friendly items will be found on the blog site. We hope you will enjoy and follow us! 🙂 ~ Amelia, Gina and Jane.

One thought on “Why an Erotica Book Club Blog now?

  1. Ladies,
    I applaud your decision to write a blog, because YOU, can control its content and monitor comments as they are made. I love that I don’t have to monitor it constantly for spam and/trolls. A simple click and voila, unwanted comments are removed.

    It will give you the freedom to host more in-depth, adult discussions that would be “frowned” upon by the arbitrary FB police. Plus, who doesn’t want another forum for man candy!
    Best wishes,

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